What We Believe

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God.
  • All men are sinners separated from God, cannot save themselves, and deserve eternal punishment.
  • Jesus Christ, God's Son and true God, having also become true man, lived, suffered and died for the sins of all people, that we need not remain separated from God.
  • Whoever repents of his sins and accepts by faith, Jesus Christ as his Savior has forgiveness of his sins and has eternal life with God.
  • Therefore, each person is saved from eternal separation from God only by the grace of God Himself, through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • In response to this loving gift of God, Christians will strive to live holy lives as the fruit of their faith, and together with their fellow Christians in the Church, will serve God and do His work.

The differences between the LCMS & the ELCA

Despite both bearing the name "Lutheran", there are many fundamental differences between the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).  Lord of Life Lutheran Church, along with the LCMS, remains committed to the full truth of the Holy Scriptures and the historic confessions of the Lutheran Church.

The LCMS believes that because the Bible is actually the Word of God, it is totally truthful, reliable, and free from any error.  We believe that the Scriptures are the final standard by which we must judge everything that we believe, teach, and confess.  The LCMS does not ordain women to the pastoral office, condone homosexuality, or support willful abortion.  Additionally, LCMS congregations accept the historic Lutheran confessional statements as true and unadulterated statements and expositions of the Word of God, normative also for the church today.  Moreover, since God's Word is clear and asserts truth that is binding for all times and all peoples, LCMS congregations do not enter into fellowship with those whose teachings are clearly contrary to the Word of God.

The differences between the LCMS and the ELCA are a source of great sadness for the LCMS, but it is important that members of LCMS congregations have a clear understanding of why our churches are not in fellowship with ELCA congregations.

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